FLUORIDE is a substance that strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay.

Have you ever wondered what age your child should start or even stop fluoride supplements?  According to the American Pediatrics, fluoride supplements should  be given to a child NO younger than 6 months of age and no child 16 years or older.

Here at Aesthetic Laser Dental Center,  when a child is given a supplement, they are  given  the most minimal dose for effectiveness due to other outside soures of fluoride .(ie.  drinking water, processed foods, toothpaste and rinses).  We feel that fluoride is an important benefit to help fight tooth decay. In today's world we notice a fair amount of patients drinking sodas and energy drinks.  This is especially where fluoride will come in as a benefit.  As for topical fluoride, which is given "in office", the American Dental Association Council of Dental Therapeutics recommends topical fluoride to be given until the age of 13.  Again, as children get older more soda and acidic foods or drinks are being consumed.  So here at ALDC we highly recommend topical fluoride to be give at least until the age of 18.

You may be wondering how drinking soda's or energy drinks can affect your teeth.  Due to the acid content in these items we need to add some balance to help stop the erosion as well as strengthen the tooth.  This is something we educate our patients about~  Every time you expose your mouth to sugars or acids, it is 15 minutes of acid being produced in your mouth.  Say you are sipping on a soda for an hour--that will be 1 hour and 15 minutes of acid constantely being produced in your mouth. (Like sipping on battery acid, the tooth starts to melt away.) If you aren't using products to protect your teeth, decay and possibly tooth loss may occur!!  So next time you come to the office ask for a fluoride treatment--- fluoride makes the teeth feel good--

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