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Breast cancer month is approaching so I wanted to share an article on how top docs stay cancer free:

DID YOU KNOW:  Did you know that pomegranates and blueberries both contain compounds that can slow the growth of certain types of cancer cells.

DID YOU KNOW: Did you know that carrying as little as 10 extra pounds may increas your production of sex hormones like estrogen, raising your risk for breast and uterine cancers. And it increases inflammation in your body, which may trigger many other types of cancer.

DID YOU KNOW:  Did you know many dry cleaners use cancer-causing solvents like perchloroethylene.  To reduce your exposure, look for a cleaner that uses wet cleaning or CO2(compressed carbon dioxide) methods.  or take the plastic covering off your clothes as soon as you get home so the toxic vapors won't be trapped near the fabric.

DID YOU KNOW:  Did you know Vitamine D plays a key role in boosting the immune system and protecting against cancer.  Taking enough daily Vitamin D can cut your risk of breast and colon cancer by 50%.

DID YOU KNOW:  Did you know that having even one cocktail a day ups you breast cancer risk by about 12%.

DID YOU KNOW:  Eat berries, All types of fruit contain a phytochemical ellagic acid, which has been shown to slow tumor growth and help eliminate carcinogenic substances from the body.



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