Why should your kid be wearing a mouthguard?


                                               Thank you to Zachary and Lucas for being such wonderful patients. They received their new mouthgaurds for football yesterday!


Playing team sports are a wonderful experience for children. There are many physical and emotional health benefits.

There can also be safety and protection issues. Any sport can increase head and mouth trauma. Injury can not be completely eliminated but damage can be lessened. Mouth guards can decrease the potential for harm by up to 60%.

Besides preventing permanent loss or disfigurement of the most visible, front teeth, mouth guards can prevent a concussion.

The younger your child starts wearing a mouth guard, the more likely they are to continue wearing it through their sporting career. Custom fitting mouth guards allow your child to speak and breathe more comfortably, performing with the greatest confidence.

Benefits of a mouth guard:

-You decrease the chance of damaging your teeth 60x when wearing a mouth guard while playing sports!

              -Injuries to your teeth can result in not only permanent disfigurement of your mouth but leave your vunerable front teeth exposed

             -It is estimated that a lifetime dental costs per tooth that is knocked out can be up to $20,000

As stated earlier, the habit of wearing a mouth guard is developed at an early age. Make sure you talk to your dentist about the best type of mouth guard for your child. There are several different types available to you.

Be safe this sports season!


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