What Fish Oil does for your Health
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March 02, 2011
Category: Nutrition
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Found in fatty fish or supplements, fish oil can work wonders from preventing inflammatory diseases to reducing the stroke risk in people with heart disease. Most people know the benefits for heart health but because fish oil contains Omega-3's which have anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil may play a role in treating and preventing inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerated colitis and osteoporosis! This is fascinating because current treatment methods for these diseases ( Calcium Supplementation ) are not as promising as once expected.Eat fish at least twice a week and snack on walnuts to boost up your Omega-3's. When looking for supplements choose a high quality fish oil that offers concentrated sources of EPA and DHA which are two essential fatty acids. Many generic brands of fish oil are low in these so be careful and be aware of bargain size fish oil. The higher the EPA and DHA the better. Natures Bounty offers a highly purified fish oil with very good amounts of EPA and DHA.


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