Tooth knocked out what to do
August 09, 2012
Category: Dental Health
Tags: avulsed tooth  

The procedure for an avulsed tooth have changed. For years we all learned to either put the tooth in milk,water,or hold the tooth in the mouth and see a dentist immediately. The tooth was then put back into the socket and splinted in place and we hoped the tooth would reimplant. The success rate was 10-50%. But now the success can be as high as 91%. Every tooth has to be treated differently depending on its maturity.The most important thing that needs to be done is place the tooth in Hank's Balanced Salt Solution immediately. The tooth can stay in this solution for 24 hours. This gives a parent 24 hours to see a dentist without compromising the success of reimplantation. You can find a kit on the internet called Save-a-tooth or emt TOOTHSAVER. The cost is around $20 and they typically have a 2 year shelf life. So get a kit and put it in their travel bag or in the car or have a trainer have one available. It will greatly reduce your stress level if it happens and increase the success of saving your child's smile. 


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