Tips for Dry Mouth
By contactus
June 16, 2011
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Tips to Recommend to Dry Mouth Patients

*Sip water frequently throughout the day

*Use lip balm or Vaseline to sooth dry lips

*Limit consumption of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages

*Seek help to quit smoking, because smoking exacerbates dry mouth

*Use a humidifier in the bedroom at nighttime: some dry-mouth sufferers feel worst at night

*Avoid strong mint-flavored foods, such as gum, mints, or minty chocolates

*Avoid irritating foods and beverages, such as those that are dry, spicy, excessively hot or cold, or contain alcohol

*Avoid using astringent oral hygiene products, such as alcohol-containing or strongly flavored mouthwashes and toothpaste

*Avoid oral hygiene products containing sodium lauryl sulfate since these may contribute to the formation of ulcers or canker sores in a dry mouth

> It is also important to explain to patients that xerostomia increases the risk of gum disease, oral yeast infections, oral ulcers, plaque build-up and caries, and their active participation in preventive dental hygiene can reduce these risks significantly.

Remind patients to:

*Do interdental cleanings daily to prevent or remove plaque

*Brush at least twice daily with a soft bristled toothbrush and a mildy flavored, low abrasive flouride toothpaste

*Reduce intake of sugary or acidic foods or beverages, because these futher raise caries risk

*Do a self-examination of the mouth three times a week, checking for red or white patches, ulcers,  or swollen or bleeding gums, and to alert  a dental healthcare-giver if these signs are observed.


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