Splenda Sensitivity
By contactus
March 28, 2012
Category: Nutrition
Tags: General Health  

                   Sucralose ( Splenda ) reduces " good bugs by 67%


The artificial sweetener millions of people rely on to help them lose weight is killing healthy intestinal bugs, according to Duke University researchers. A recent study found that Splenda decreased total intestinal bacteria and slashed the number of beneficial bugs, like Lactobacilli by 67 percent, in addition to worsening GI symptoms.  The GI tract has billions of bacteria that are very important in taking care of the body.  Sucralose ( Splenda) changes the balance of good and bad bacteria in favor of the bad bacteria. Could you be sensitive to this sweetener? If you are experiencing fatigue plus at LEAST two of the following symptoms, Splenda may be the culprit ( Diarrhea, gas, stomach pain, headache, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, weight gain or yeast infections) Splenda now lurks in some 4000 products including yogurt, gum and cookies. A healthy alternative may be switching to agave nectar or stevia.


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