Our Last Minute Gift Ideas!
By contactus
December 13, 2011
Tags: Gifts   Christmas   Favorites  


We came up with a list for those who need to get a last minute gift for someone special or for those who seem to have everything....Here are a few of our favorite items we have at home that we would miss if we didnt have them.

Doc- Minnetonka Slippers

Karen- Gym Membership

Dawn- Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Kelly- Heated matress Pad or Elect Blanket

Taylor- Have (out of town) Family at home for Christmas 

Del- Portable Fireplace

Kim- Dear Foam Slippers

Elva- Flat Iron

Shannon- Mini Cordless Powder Drink Mixer

Honorable Mentions- Down Comforter, French Press Coffee Maker, Super Soft throw Blanket, Electric Heated Grips for 4 Wheeler/Snowmobile, Manicure/Pedicure, Cozy PJ's




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