Not Your Mother's Dentistry Part 3
By contactus
February 24, 2011
Category: Dental Health
Tags: decay cavities  

Diet plays a major role in the process of decay. We have all been taught that sugar causes cavities,but it is acid that breaks down the tooth surface to start the decay process.

Sugar is digested by the bacteria to form acid as a byproduct. Starches can be converted to sugar and cause acid production. So the worst foods are the fermentable carbohydrates. Pop,sport drinks,energy drinks,,juice boxes,koolaid,cookies,crackers,and white flour containing foods are foods that breakdown easily. They all have a high glycemic index.

Acid is contained in foods also. Examples are coffee, tea, diet pop, sport and energy drinks,lemonade/ice tea drinks.

It is the frequency that you eat and drink these things that cause the acid to be in longer contact with the teeth. So, sipping on that one diet pop all day or young children snacking on dry cereal or sipping a juice box will cause decay. If the frequency is high enough, the pH of your mouth can change and the type of bacteria will become acid loving. So as Mom told you, eat three good meals a day with no snacks.


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