Not Your Mother's Dentistry Part 2
By contactus
January 31, 2011
Category: Dental Health
Tags: Decay  

In the previous blog, we discussed cavities as a pH disease.Bacteria is the leading factor in the alteration of your salivary pH. In a healthy environment, bacteria are living in a balanced environment. This environment is now called a biofilm instead of just plaque.Biofilms are very organized. They provide food,protection,waste management,and communication for the survival of the biofilm.As the pH drops the acid loving bacteria increase in number over time and this increases their ability to do damage.These bacteria produce their own acid to survive. Even neutral loving bacteria can become acid loving under the right conditions.

So bacteria left along the gum line or between the teeth create their own environment. They use fermentable carbohydrates (candy, cookies,white flour,pop,sport drinks,sugar,high fructose corn syrup,etc.) to live and produce acid. This acid demineralizes the enamel,thus starting the decay process. I'll discuss diet next time.

Thanks Dr Burnell


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