By contactus
February 07, 2012
Category: Dental Health
Tags: listerine  

Just to let you know ,if you didn't already, our office does not recommend our patients to use Listerine due to the alcohol content.  The alcohol content  in some mouthrinses is something most dental offices are telling their patients to stay away from and listerine has now made an alcohol-free rinse.  This was something we were looking into and found out if you look on the back of the alcohol-free rinse it advises you that if you want to kill the germs that cause gum disease and bad breath to use the original listerine.  We have researched other rinses and feel that there are superior rinses to listerine.   These are the Crest Pro-Health line, Closys, and Biotene.  In some instances we may prescribe a rinse if we feel these are not adequate for you.  Hope this information helps you.


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