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March 12, 2012
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We are a latex free office! 

What does that mean?

For all our patients that are sensitive or allergic to latex, they can rest assured we are treating them with total protective care.

Nitrile gloves are the most protective ones when objectively compared with vinyl and latex gloves. Studies about the efficiency and dexterity of different types of these products show that the ones that are made from Nitrile are much preferred by patients more than other types of medical gloves. In addition to the fact, they offer better barrier protection properties.

The barrier protection properties of these gloves make them outstanding in the various applications that they used in. In addition to this other properties that make these a better choice is that they are sturdy and this ensures that they do not puncture or else tear easily. In fact studies indicate that when vinyl and latex were given needle-stick punctures meant to act as controls to measure virus leakages that are visual as well as viral, the leakage rate measure was much higher than that of the Nitrile gloves.


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