I recently attended a lecture on the drug problem in Livingston County.  Speakers included were the DEA, Livingston County Sheriff Dept., State of Michigan Department of Community Health, a drug testing lab and a local physician. 

Livingston County is the second highest county in Michigan for narcotic prescriptions.  Shiawassee County is the highest.  Surprisingly, Detroit is low on the list.  Vicodin is written 1/3 of the time. 

Children are taking Vicodin, Percodan,Oxycontin, Xanax and other narcotics from your medicine cabinet.  55% of people report that they obtained narcotics for free from a friend or relative.  Only 5% was bought from a drug dealer.  Young adults in jail for narcotic related crimes report that their first drug exposure was at 14 years old.   The drug was Vicodin, not Marijuana, like most people think.

The problem with opiates are that you need more to get high the longer you use them.  So, Vicodin leads to Percodan, then Oxycontin.  But, Oxycontin costs $80 a pill on the street.  Heroin is $7 a bag in Detroit.  So, the kids travel to Detroit to get their Heroin plus bring  some back to sell to friends.

The new thing is to mix drugs to make the high stronger.  It's called the Trinity or the Holy Trinity.  They mix Xanax, Vicodin and Soma or Flexural for the Trinity.   Substitute Oxycodone for the Vicodin and you now have the Holy Trinity.  They are even taking used Fentanyl patches from their grandparents or relatives with chronis pain and re-applying them or sucking on them to set the drug out.  If your pet has surgery, they are even taking their patches.

Another drug is available at gas stations and convenience stores.  They are synthetic and the formulas keep getting changed so the government has had a hard time regulating them.  They go by K-2, Spice, LOL, Bath Salts,White Girl and Rock and Roll.  Look for these drugs because your child knows where they are available. 

So, check your medicine cabinet for narcotics.  It may not be your child but it could be their friends that are getting the drugs from you.  Even Real Estate Agents are reporting narcotic theft after showing a house for sale.


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