It's All Natural & Prevents Decay!
By contactus
January 11, 2012
Category: Dental Health
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 Second- Because the bacteria are unable to metabolize Xylitol, they cannot produce acids responsible for demineralization. The use of Xylitol as an antimicrobial is an all-natural, at-home, tasty way to prevent tooth decay! Xylitol helps reduce strep mutans, one of the bacteria that cause decay, in 3 ways.

First- Bacteria can not metabolize Xylitol therefore they will not be able to reproduce effectivly and are also unable to produce the acid responsible for demineralization of tooth enamel.

Second- Xylitol interferes with polysaccaride formation which greatly reduces the adhesive capability of bacteria making it difficult for them to stick to surfaces and each other. So they brush away easier.

Third- Xylitol helps to lubricate a 'dry mouth'  so people dont have to use sugar filled products to get relief.

Xylitol is also safe for diabetics. Most importantly, all you have to do is consume 6-10grams of Xylitol per day in 3-5 servings, without having to make any other dietary or hygiene changes.

We suggest you chew gum after every meal. But Xylitol comes in many other forms even if you are not a gum chewer. It is available in mints, candy, rinses, pastes, sprays and bulk



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