Hamburg Rumor Dr. Burnell Retiring
By contactus
April 27, 2011
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Hamburg Rumor !!!  Dr. Burnell Retiring

A recent buzz has been around town that Dr. Burnell is retiring.  Are you kidding ??  Is this a late April fools joke??   

Nothing could be more far fetched than this story.  Truth be told Laser Dental Center is totally whats happening in Livingston county. If you know Dr. Burnell he is always doing something new and exciting in Laser technology. Many new things coming in 2011 including our practice signing a contract with Under Armour to provide customized performance enhancing mouthwear. Coaches and Athlethes stay tuned to our facebook page for exciting information.  So  if you are a patient get the word out and if your not a patient visit our website to see why we stand above the rest. We would love to have you join our practice!




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