Fluoride Varnish
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April 11, 2011
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Another method of fighting tooth decay!

Painting teeth with a Fluoride Varnish is a method being used to fight tooth decay. In our office Fluoride Varnish delivers fluoride, calcium phosphate and a protective coating to your tooth surface.  The Varnish  quickly adheres to teeth and over time is slowly released to the tooth surface.  We are recommending patients who are moderate to high risk for decay to have  fluoride varnish applied once every three to four months for maximum benefit.  Elderly patients may also fall into this category due to complications from dry mouth from their medications. 

How is the varnish applied?  Here at ALDC it is as simple as isolating the teeth and painting on a thin coat over your teeth.  We ask that you do not brush for 4 to 6 hours after the application.  During the treatment a soft diet is recommended as well as avoiding hot drinks and products that contain alchol.   


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