FAST Healing for Cold Sores!
By contactus
December 08, 2010
Category: Dental Health
Tags: cold sore  

Studies show that Raw Honey out performs prescription medication when it comes to healing cold sores! Several of our patients have already tried using Raw Honey for their cold sores and report it works great. At the first sign of feeling that tingle that tells you a cold sore is coming, put a small dab of Raw Honey on that site as frequently as needed. The Raw Honey will take the burn and itch away and with its natural antimicrobial properties. Raw Honey is not cooked, pasturized or filtered and has many other health benefits as well.


Also very effective in preventing a cold sore outbreak is Lysine(an amino acid). Most people find that the easiest way to use lysine for cold sores is by taking lysine supplements. They are cheap, easy and work very well. Look for the 500-milligram capsules. Capsules disperse more quickly during digestion.




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