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By contactus
September 01, 2011
Category: Dental Health
Tags: New Laser  

I just wanted to say a few words.  I have been working here at Dr. Burnell's for 13 years.  He is always reading and taking classes to better himself and to do procedures that are better for the patient.  I, myself, have not seen him so excited as he is with the new laser he is using.  Last week he pulled me aside in his office to show me some of the procedures he has done.  A  patient came in with a tooth that had been bothering her for some time.  Doctor Burnell had to retreat a root canal that she had done years ago. The patient was thrilled with the result because the pain was gone and she didn't need any pain medication after the appointment.  The laser was able to seek out smaller canals that may have been causing the problem.  Another patient was a young girl who would have probably lost her tooth due to resorption.  Internal resorption is something that just happens.  Again with the laser, Dr. Burnell was able to save the tooth. 

These are just a couple of procedures he has done with this laser.  Dr. Burnell is alway trying new things-new techniques.  He is very passionate about what he does.  In my eyes this is what makes a great dentist...always being on the edge of technology. 





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