cancer awareness
By contactus
October 06, 2011
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***October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We, here at Aesthetic Laser Dental Center, want to remind everyone to be pro active and get your mammogram done. 

***Another exam  I would like to make patients aware of are mole checks.  Have a full body scan or a mole check to make sure none of them are irregular in any way.  I recently had a check up and there was a mole that I had didn't look that irregular but it was something that bothered me.  Well much to my surprise, it was Basal Cell Carcinoma.  I ended up having to have surgery to have the rest of the growth removed.  Basal Cell is the most common form of skin cancer.  It rarely metastasizes or kills.  However it can cause significant destruction and or disfigurement. It is still considered malignant by invading surrounding tissue.  In 80 % of cases reported, basal cell cancers are found on the head or neck. 

I have been working here at Dr. Burnell's for some time now. I care for our patients.  The only reason I am sharing this is if I can reach out to one person then I have done my job..... so do me a favor get checked out!!


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