Attention Shoppers! Black Friday nearly here!
By contactus
November 23, 2011
Category: Local Events
Tags: Thanksgiving   Black Friday  

 Hello everyone,

All smart shoppers prep for that mall marathon on Black Friday with a list of must buys-it's a search and rescue style operation

to snag those bargains.  It's crucial to be ready!  Since this year many retailers are open on Thanksgiving and/or opening at the strike of

midnight on Friday, this means an all nighter is sure to ensue.  Not for the weak or timid!  Remember to dress for comfort, layer clothing and

of course you'll need your fastest running shoes too.  Bottle water could be life saver to stave off dehydration while in line to buy those gifts.

But if a marathon of the masses is not your interest, certainly on-line is great.  Many retailers have web site only specials, not to be found

in stores.  I stumbled across one site that mixes all the top stores deals and you buy on-line. 

Either way, hope you all have a great holiday and safe venture!  Be nice.




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