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September 12, 2012
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Okay Irish... You spanked us last year...But you are coming to our HOUSE so be Ready.  This year we will not be Denied!!! Please share your comments with us on what you think the score will be.  GO GREEN 

August 22, 2012
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 Photo: Recently, a photo has been circulating of a cloud that looks like Michigan's Lower Peninsula, but something was missing...

This year, Sunday, Sept. 2, marks the 75th anniversary of the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act (or, more simply, the P-R Act), and the start of a yearlong celebration for outdoors-minded organizations and individuals around the nation. 

This 75th anniversary of Pittman-Robertson Act is a perfect time to celebrate our role in conservation funding      in Michigan, money raised from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses pays for the bulk of fish and wildlife conservation - and the state's hunters and anglers are justifiably proud of their reputation for paying their own way. Fewer dollars collected from license sales equals a reduction in available matching funds for federal grants. 

Hunters and Fishermen, however, are not the only beneficiaries of P-R funds. P-R funds can be used for projects that restore and conserve any bird or mammal species, not just game species. Consequently, these funds have contributed to the restoration of some non-game species (such as bald eagles) and to preserve wild lands that not only benefit wildlife,but can be used and enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts, like mushroom hunters, berry pickers, hikers, birders and others!

The long and short of it is that P-R funds, along with license fees, have been and continue to be how we fund most wildlife management in Michigan and across the U.S. Without P-R funds along with the prevention of diverting license fees to other uses required to get them, conservation in North America would simply collapse. Not just decline but disappear! So Michigans citizens should celebrate and support P-R funds in every way that we can.

For the full story on how P-R funds work, click on this link-,4570,7-153--284662--,00.html

 For more on funding click this link-,4570,7-153-10363-170963--,00.html 


By contactus
May 23, 2012
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By contactus
May 03, 2012
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     Recently the Press & Argus ran an article on a dangerous product being sold and used in our community.  K2, also known by a number of  harmless names like LOL, OMG, IDK, spice and potpourri., is a synthetic form of marijuana- a synthetic "cannabinoid" to those who prefer the scientific reference.  What this is is a herb-like substance that is sprayed with man-made chemicals.  It is marketed as incense/potpourri.  Even though it is labeled " not for human consumption," it is being smoked for the purpose of getting high.  When smoked, K2 mimics a high similar to smoking marijuana.  In larger doses it has hallucinogenic effects and has been linked to five deaths across the country.  Severe side effects are common and include :  migrane headaches, a rapid heart rate, changes in  blood pressure, seizures, vomiting, hallucinations, agitation, aggression, anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and depression leading to thoughts of suicide.  K2 users have also reported addiction and withdrawl.  K2 is available  for purchase in some of our local gas stations and party stores and online. 

    The bottom line is K2 is extremely dangerous and is being used by many of our young adults.  Knowledge is the best way to get the word out!   Join Pinckney Community and The Pinckney Coalition to offer an educational  forum on K2 at the Pinckney High School Auditorium Tuesday May 8 at 7 p.m.

By contactus
November 23, 2011
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 Hello everyone,

All smart shoppers prep for that mall marathon on Black Friday with a list of must buys-it's a search and rescue style operation

to snag those bargains.  It's crucial to be ready!  Since this year many retailers are open on Thanksgiving and/or opening at the strike of

midnight on Friday, this means an all nighter is sure to ensue.  Not for the weak or timid!  Remember to dress for comfort, layer clothing and

of course you'll need your fastest running shoes too.  Bottle water could be life saver to stave off dehydration while in line to buy those gifts.

But if a marathon of the masses is not your interest, certainly on-line is great.  Many retailers have web site only specials, not to be found

in stores.  I stumbled across one site that mixes all the top stores deals and you buy on-line. 

Either way, hope you all have a great holiday and safe venture!  Be nice.



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